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Suzanne and Andrew

We are getting married!

Our Story

We are so happy to be celebrating our wedding day with our nearest and dearest friends and family, who have been part of our story for the past 10+ years.

Since 2012, Suzanne and Andrew have shared in the highs (passing the bar exam, buying our first home, traveling the globe) and supported each other through the lows (studying for the bar exam, the assembly of many many pieces of IKEA furniture, being in the epicenter of a pandemic). We have embraced and supported each other's interests. Suzanne has been to more aviation and train museums than she knew existed, and has become skilled at taking Andrew's photo in front of both international and domestic border markers. Andrew agreed to a European vacation centered around the Sound of Music, and even sang along on a musical bus tour through the Alps. He has listened to an entire podcast series dedicated to American Girl dolls books. Together we have grown from students to adults, from Seamless delivery addicts to home chefs, from renters to homeowners, from two individuals into a pair.

We view our wedding day not as the beginning of something new, but instead as a celebration of our love, partnership and continued commitment, and of those who we are fortunate enough to share our lives with.

We cannot wait to see you on July 10th!

Suzanne and Andrew